It’s supposed to be hard. That’s how it works. And I won’t go easy on you. But we’ll work together to push past the discomfort, the anxiety and the excuses to get you real, sustainable results, whatever your goal.


I’m not just here to yell. I’m here to make you realize that you can become stronger and healthier. And I’ll do everything I can to help you actually enjoy the process. Because if you don’t, you won’t stick with it.


This isn’t about one workout. It’s about a practice that becomes a part of your weekly routine. I’ll build you programs that evolve and engage your brain and your body, including Powerlifting, Strength Training and Cross-Training.





About Ryan


Why me?

After a career in advertising, selling people crap food and shitty products they never needed or wanted, I got sick of making people sick and decided to do a total 180.

I decided to use my 10+ years of strength training and powerlifting experience to help others understand their potential, get strong and feel confident in a gym.

Why? Because I never used to. The first time I stepped into a gym I was morbidly obese and a chain smoker. I hated it. I hated the trainer. I hated the music. I hated the whole building.

I remember what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Like you don’t belong in a loud, sweaty, aggressive space. Like everything you’re doing is wrong. I also know what it feels like to learn that you belong there as much as anyone else, that you can get strong and feel awesome doing it.

I won’t give up on you. I’ll push back when you give an excuse to cancel or give up a little too early. I won’t make it easy, but I promise everything I say and do is meant make you feel good AFTER the workout and together we'll get you closer to your goals, day by day.

NEWS! Ryan is now a founder, owner and Personal Trainer in Toronto at Motus Training Studio



I want to understand where we’re beginning from to build realistic goals. That means we’ll take the time to discuss your past experiences, health history, and current situation. From there, we’ll work together to find a type of training that works for you. That training includes:


Personal Training 

I’m a Personal trainer in Toronto at Motus Training Studio where we can train in our well equipped private/semi private gym for an hour (no line ups, nobody watching, no sweaty equipment!).

If you need help getting started or perfecting your technique, get in touch. Let's find a program and a schedule that'll suit you. 



Powerlifting coaching for those who want challenging full body strength training as a speciality program, or just integrated into their workout practice.

Powerlifting isn't just for bros anymore. It's for everyone!


Program design + Remote

Just want a program designed for you to take to your gym? Hit a plateau and need some new motivation? Have a schedule that has you travelling often?

I can create a program that suits you, combining in-person sessions with remote live audio and video tech to make sure you can get help from anywhere on earth.


Get In Touch

Sometimes reaching out and getting started is harder than any bench press.

Message me. I'm happy to answer any questions. 

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